Wrapping up Summer


16 September 2015

Summer treated us well this year, I’m not one for blogging from behind but there were a few pictures I wanted to post so I would be able to look back on a few of these pictures with ease.  Jude Everest has really become a good swimmer this year. He really is a daredevil, it’s just in his DNA. He loves to try and swim to the bottom of the pool and touch. He’s definitely a limit pusher and it scares me. 

IMG_9603The three musketeers have a lot of fun together and Royal has no trouble keeping up. The boys ask to get their face painted nearly every day. It’s a special Saturday activity, thankfully dad is so artistic because these boys are pretty demanding. 



The new flippers we got have been working out great for the boys. Finn has become really comfortable with his mask in the ocean when we go to the beach which is a great improvement for him.  I’ve been having a lot of of fun with the GoPro that Ryan got me for my birthday. It’s fun to document under water adventures. 


None of dad’s birthday pictures made it up on the blog so here’s one for the books. Jude got to my bundt cake and smashed it, which was frustrating. 

IMG_9393Royal eating his scores. Gigi’s house this Summer was a lot of fun for the boys. Their favorite activity would probably have to be riding the JEEPS and eating scores. 

IMG_9414Summer nights. So fun and so exhausting.

IMG_9361My brothers were great sports throwing the boys over and over into the water.


A few more GoPro shots. 




Royal’s swimming has come along so well! He’s really confident with his floaties. We’ve had a few close calls with Royal and the pool. We are learning. 

IMG_7087A week before Easter my computer broke so I never got these pictures up. Their Easter egg hunt sure was cute. 


Jude upon finding his Easter basket was completely content sitting on this bench and going through every item. No need to hunt for eggs.

IMG_7052 IMG_7054 IMG_7061Royal and Finn and however had an intense competition. Finn is kindergarten now so I don’t think he’ll be able to wear these outfits any more after this year. I sure do love them. Finn likes them too, it’s not like a battle to get him to wear his church clothes.

IMG_7421The biggest event of the summer was my brother Tanner getting married for sure. Rachel was a beautiful bride, I love having another girl in the family. Poor Royal has a hacking cough in this picture but Finn and Jude look so cute.


 There’s my Mr. Finn!

IMG_7293Royal James!IMG_7408IMG_7170IMG_7371

I miss my brother Mason! This tender moment my parent’s shared was beautiful as they watched Tanner and Rachel mingle with their families. It was very surreal. I know how surreal it was for me, just from a sister’s perspective I can only imagine as a parent. 



My mom has such a kind heart. 



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  1. Wow, Heather, thank you for bringing our very busy and memorable moments to Life!!!! I am glad someone has a camera out to capture such good times. I love my family

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