A Warm Ocean

IMG_968722 September 2015

The ocean is so warm right now the boys have been loving their time swimming in the ocean, as have I. The other night we stayed way past sun down and just lay floating in the warm water. This spot we go to has been perfect for swimming and kayaking. 

IMG_9812 (1)

I have been giving a lot of thought to more effective parenting strategies lately. One of the things I am excited about is to make a bigger effort to have one on one time to fill each of their emotional bank accounts. I think if I try to connect with them on a deeper level daily I will have more success disciplining them. I am really trying to get them to internalize making better decisions, having three of them is definitely a lot to juggle and it’s really important to me that they feel like we communicate with each other. 


Jude and Finn are best friends. Especially when we are out on adventure they play pretty seamlessly together. 

IMG_9799 (2)

IMG_9763 (1)

My parents came in for the weekend which was such a treat for me. I have so much fun with them. Jasper came, their cute maltese/poodle and Royal in particular was in heaven. He loves dogs. We go visit our pet store at least once a week and we hold bunnies and check out the new dogs they have. The idea of cleaning up after a pet does not sit well. 

IMG_9789 (2)

Royal, so snuggly. 






Royal is potty trained. Big high five for mom and for Royal James. He did a great job. It’s a pretty big deal I’m all done with diapers. 

IMG_9810 (1)



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