October, October, I love you October!


26 October 2015

It’s my favorite time of the year! I have been giddy over here with halloween/fall decor popping out from every corner at my house. It is definitely a little much. I had my stuff out September 1st, is that overkill? Trader Joe’s makes it so easy to stock up on pumpkins. The have small pumpkins and gourds for .60 cents each. Every year when they come out they are better than I remember. Speaking of fall, it’s time to get myself a cup of pumpkin tea. I will have more material in a week after our trip to Salt Lake. All of my family comes together and we have a party, It’s so much fun: chili, donuts, turkey, lighting the lanterns and pumpkin candles that line my mom’s walk way, and the best part family and friends. I listened to an interview with the late Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donahue a few months ago but I still think of this line often because I find it to be so true.

 “A friend is a loved one who awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you… your ‘anam cara’. Your soul friend: the truest mirror to reflect your soul. The honesty and clarity of true friendship also brings out the real contour of your spirit.”

The relationships I have with my siblings and parents are friendships and I love being with them because when I am it’s just what O’donahue says, they awaken my life and free parts of my spirit that get lost in the hamster wheel of routine, mundane life.  

IMG_9981We had a halloween party with some of our neighbors where the boys got their first dose of sugar high. 


Royal is very easy to photograph. Wow does this boy know how to crack a smile!



We are still going to the beach often. Emily and Clayton came to visit which was a real treat for us. We took them to all our favorite spots. We walked Crystal Cove, ate at Lemonade, walked the tide pools, swam on balboa, walked balboa, ate balboa bars, ate tasty mexican food, got treats from BlueChair bakery, and visited our favorite park. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but we loved having them here. 


Emily is having a little boy in January, my first nephew! I can’t wait to meet him. 


Nice downward dog Royal James!


I didn’t realizei it had been a whole month since I last posted.  Finn is doing great in kindergarten. He is probably the easiest boy in his class regarding listening/behaving/making good choices all that stuff. Jude Everest is still so sweet even on his hardest day his teachers love having him in class. He’s been stealing Finn’s bike every chance he gets. He loves that it has pedals unlike his strider bike, and Finn’s bike is red so naturally it has to be Jude’s because it’s his favorite color!  The positive reinforcement jars that we’ve been doing to enforce positive behavior was fantastic in the beginning but we’ve lost a bit of our consistency. A quick trip to the ‘treasure box’ has been a little more effective.  


The kayak was purchased at walmart.com it was a $120 with free shipping – awesome find! It fits in the front seat of our car– I love it. It holds all the boys together or just one adult. I take it around the bay whenever we go. Finn is the expert on the kayak, the other two boys just like to ride but I’m sure in time they will want to try paddling as well. 

IMG_9825I realized I don’t have a picture up of Mr. Snow. We have an animal! Can you believe it – with all of our craziness?  He’s a dwarf rabbit and we love him. We bought him two months ago and he’s become part of the family. He’s so soft and sweet. We have a leash and harness that we purchased off Amazon and it’s worked out great when we take him outside. We let him occasionally hop around our house, now more that he’s litter trained.  Mr. Snow get’s free rein of the back porch. When he gets out of his cage he does these ‘I’m excited kicks’ with his hind legs I literally laugh out loud every time I see it. Yesterday over lunch dad had stopped by for a few minutes and he caught Snow digging in his bonsai plant. 


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