Hello 2016!


10 January 2016

A new post for a New Year.  I am really excited about Google Photo’s new unlimited photo storage and I have slowly began to store and organize our photos. I used to be so organized with my photos but I have been so lazy this year and haven’t stayed on top of it. The hardest part is over, I’ve started it, I took the plunge and have begun the process and am feeling a lot better about things. So while I have some good momentum time to get back to putting photos up on the blog. Having a place to put your photos makes the idea of taking photos so much more appealing. I love these people in these pictures. Tonight at dinner we talked about what we loved each other more than. The boys were rolling with laughter at my “I love you more than mochi ice cream and chocolate cake” comment.  I’m going to be so sad when the boys stop finding me funny. Finn especially really gets my humor now and he thinks I’m so funny. I know it won’t be long until I’m just lame. (I hope that never happens! Oh please let him find me funny forever)

RoyalbunnyI love this picture! Royal looooves his bunny, Mr. Snow. I heard Ryan walk by Mr. Snow’s cage and say “Hi Snow Man!” His favorite thing to call Mr Snow is ‘the hare’. It makes me laugh every the time.  The conversation will look a little something like this. I will be stroking Snow’s soft fur and Ryan will say, “He’s a good hare.” 


We are pretty happy right now, Ryan and I, 2016 is going to be an amazing year for us. 

RoyalJamesportrait2The boys were such good sports, I know taking family pictures is not fun for the boys. 


The three amigos and their hare. 


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