That Missing Blog Post

IMG_817010 January 2016

We have been having some nice weather lately, really nice, nice being some incredible – much needed – rain storms. Not the warm sunny day depicted in these pictures, I was uploading pictures up to my google drive and I got the feeling that some of these photos didn’t make it on to the blog, so I checked… and I couldn’t find them anywhere! One of the great things about the blog – and the main reason I still do it- is it makes finding some of my favorite photos  easy to find. When I realized some of these weren’t here, I decided immediately that we needed to fix this! It’s like a few blog posts just disappeared. There are some fun pictures in this set that I really don’t want to lose. The boys have already changed so much and it’s only been a few months. 

IMG_8168I remember this day, It ended up being a lot hotter than I anticipated for the boys so I gave Royal my shirt and hat and boy he looked so cute. Royal started preschool this week! He did great, he’s been begging to go all year. The chatter about school for Royal is how he can finally go in and play with that ‘orca whale’  he’s been eyeing for months! But don’t call it the orca whale around Royal he is on first name basis only with the orcas and will vehemently correct you that it’s merely an ‘orca’ not ‘orca whale.’ 
IMG_7911 IMG_8075


IMG_7923 IMG_8175 IMG_7909 (1) IMG_7956 IMG_8218 IMG_7980 IMG_7773 IMG_7776 IMG_7819 IMG_8189Poor Pandy. This is Jude’s beloved Panda Bear which he took everywhere for months but I think it got left on the plane or left at Grandma Cindy’s house. Anyways, we have been unable to find Pandy and he is still a frequently visited topic of conversation here. 
IMG_8043 IMG_8045 (1)Some really classics of Royal in here. Love, love him! 
IMG_7978 IMG_7975 IMG_7800 IMG_7825 IMG_7831 IMG_0268
Just a few classic pictures that I had to make sure were up on the blog. 

Disneyland6 Disneyland5

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