Winter Weekly Walks


24 January 2016

Royal is home with me taking it easy today. He’s suffering from a bad cold. It’s given me a nice opportunity to upload this post. Royal is lethargic and enjoying being cozy propped up in my bed with lots of pillows, that makes it a lot easier keeping him inside.  A few quick anecdotes about the boys: nearly everyday one of the boys will make the observation that “Mom’s a girl.” I’m not sure what about me being a girl makes that such a profound idea but it definitely is to them. Royal has the cutest phrases in rotation: “silly goose”, “that’s what I’m talking about”, any observations about orca whales. Orca’s are his favorite and he takes his orca figurine everywhere with him. He is still extremely fond of anything and everything Captain America. He loves holding his own shield.  


Winter at the beach, nothing beats it. We made it to the beach yesterday  around noon and shared the beach with only one couple for nearly two hours. The boys don’t need any guidance when it comes to exploring, which is so nice for Ryan and I. Everything comes alive to them when they are outside, we are at such a great sustainable pace. Life definitely can feel busy, I never want to lose the ability to take take time for our weekly walk. Finn had basketball in the morning, and then we went to Crystal Cove. If Jude had a game or Royal we wouldn’t have been able to make our walk happen. The paradox of sports: it’s so great for the boys to learn discipline and remain active but it’s so easy to become over scheduled and then you lose this critical reflective family time. 


Jude was very excited about his flower that he found. 


IMG_1233“Let’s discuss some ground rules….”


Running on the beach feeling free!


Jude and his absolute love for climbing! Hard to satiate his appetite for climbing up things. It’s a daily challenge getting him to stay off things he’s not supposed to climb. He climbs those huge wire fences constantly, trees, giant succulent plants, all those poles at the park, the fridge, on top of my bed…. the list goes on and on! 


Sandy and wet! A sign of a good time. 





Sweet, sweet Jude. Thanks for the eskimos!


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