A Special Visit


25 February 2016

Uncle Mark, Ryan’s brother, spent the weekend with us. It was such a treat to have him here. He lives in New York and we only get to see him every July. We value our relationship with him so much, it’s hard living so far away from family. Life with the boys doesn’t slow down much but he’s used to life with energetic children so it was a win/win.  


Here are a few pictures from our walk on the beach together. Royal loves collecting treasure on the beach. He is the best at finding sea glass, he’s so proud of everything he finds. Royal has really adopted this role of ‘protector’. Finn called Jude  ‘struggs’ in the car and Royal just about smacked Finn upside the head. Thankfully, I grabbed his arm to prevent the onslaught of smacks but all the while, Royal was yelling, “DON’T call my brother STRUGGS!” 



While Mark was in town all the boys were able to work on the Indy. They got a lot done on the boat, Ryan loved working on it with Mark. They hit up In and Out on the way and put on a layer of paint. 


Finn and his crazy bed head hair! 




Walking, exploring, and climbing at the beach. Everyone is in heaven here.



Royal and his unsolicited kisses, he is precious!


Ryan was walking the tide pools across the way and snapped this. Such an unexpected photo to find! That you for taking this love. 



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