Easter Weekend


3 April 2016

I hope all of you had a nice Easter. We went to my parents’ house for Easter and had the best time with my family. My brother Mason is in Boston now I really miss him. He will be coming home in a year; I especially miss him around the holidays. Our Gigi really makes the holidays special so it was a no brainer deciding to go to Utah for Easter. Ryan and the boys are at the boat today. He’s making such great progress on it, I can’t wait for it to be finished. This gave me the perfect opportunity to get this post done. There were so many photos to go through! 


My mom is a fictional character with her effortless beauty, big heart, clean house and supernatural design skills. 


The owl Sammy that he received in his basket is his new best friend! 


Jasper is so cute and sweet. He can feel a little left out when all the kids come to visit. He love monopolizing Gigi all to himself. 


This coconut Easter cake was a hit. Delicious! It was a triple layer strawberry cream cake, so fun being all together. Gigi made special Easter baskets for all the adults as well. I appreciate at that so much – being a mom myself now you are constantly in that giving state yourself. What a treat to be in the receiving end. 



Love the hob nail charges and pastel dinner plates. She reuses this stuff every year, preparing for the holidays. This is one of her favorite things to do and she has really developed her capacity for creating an amazing event. 




These are the softest bunnies, I want to sleep with one. 

TannerandRachelLovely Tanner and Rachel, they have been married for a year now! I can’t believe how fast the time last flown by. Rachel has the biggest heart. She’s my yoga buddy, it’s so fun.



Royal James. I am so lucky to be your mom. He gives so much love, I feel incredibly privileged to be on the receiving end of so much of it.

IMG_1817IMG_1822They had the best Easter Egg hunt with the cutest eggs! Minion easter eggs, soccer eggs, basketball eggs!


The hunt is on!

EasterhuntingNice baskets boys!

IMG_2378Happy Easter family! Life is so sweet with the amazing people in my life. I bought this skirt I’m wear for such a great price! I love, love it! I’m so proud of myself for my emerging resourceful shopping skills! Go Hb go! 

EasterfamilyphotoRoyal got to go skiing for his first time. I’ll have to share all those fun pictures in the next post. 


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  1. Thank you Heather! It was a wonderful weekend with the family. The boys are growing so fast. Capturing these is priceless🐰🌷🌷🐰

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