Skiing 2016


3 April 2016

Royal got to join the action skiing this Spring. Wow tacking on that third kid when there are only two adults was a little harder than I was expecting. I am pretty good calibrating my expectations so I am always taken back when I’m like “Oh wow! I didn’t have this calibrated right. Okay deep breaths let’s reset – – no expectations. We were shuttling the kids back and forth trying to keep us all together, it was a blast. We only made it a few hours and then I just knew, alright that was my last run. I’ve got no more left. I was so sore from man handling them. 


So here is the story about this. My mom gave us a ride up to Sundance and while we were unloading the skis, Cougar Jude took off. I mean TOOK OFF. By the time we scanned and located him he was trying to GET ON the lift and the lift operators had to shut it down. Jude is in the calm down corner on the rocks crying. This kids soul is so bright and loving but he does what Jude Everest wants to do. It’s crazy!


Jude is so sad. Jude never ceases to surprise me. I can’t believe he made it across all that snow to the lift that fast!


Go Royal go!



Dad and Royal, pretty happy faces. 



We got a seven layer bar and a nice tasty latte after. It was perfection. 


Royal is excited for his first ski day.


I’m smiling but I’m tired, this bench feels so good. 


“Bye bye sweetheart!” “I’ve got these two good luck with Cougar!”


7 responses

  1. Hahahahaha! “Oh wow I didn’t have this calibrated right” is the story of my life. You’d think I would have learned by now to have no expectations but…my poor kids will tell you otherwise. I have always admired that you take your kids adventuring though. You just gotta do it! Can’t believe they had to literally shut cougar down. So good! Still laughing.

    • Abby! You are my hero when it comes to adventuring with kids. The image of you toting your little boys in the back bike trailer comes to mind. The boys were really getting the hang of skiinglast year, most of those skills didn’t translate from last year. They caught on eventually, but not before some serious brain damage occurred!

      Your kids have the most amazing mother!! You are incredible, I admire the person you are so so much. Love you!! ❌❌❌

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