Our Monday Beach Walk


15 August 2016

I really haven’t been posting on the blog as of late due to a lack of storage space, well I fixed that problem! Hooray! I love being able to drop photos here, it’s such an easy way to locate and find later. The summer is quickly coming to an end, I have some fun pictures of the trips we’ve taken that I will eventually get to posting. Over the last six months the boys have really turned into the three amigos. They play so well together. Royal has no trouble keeping up with his big brothers. Summer nights walking the beach as a family, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

FinnandIbeach (1)

Hello, my sweet boy. What a precious photo of Finn and I, thank you love! We’ve been enjoying slow lazy Summer mornings snuggling in bed and then eventually making it out to the Y around 10:30 after breakfast and cleaning up the trail of morning activities that follow in the boys’ tracks. 

IMG_3542 (2)

IMG_3473 (1)



If you haven’t watched ‘The Little Prince’ on Netflix yet you have to! They did such a magnificent job with it, forewarning you will probably cry through the whole thing. It was soo good! 



8-15-16(1) (1)

Superhero training! Royal, the treasure hunter always finds fun stuff to play with at the beach. Oh man these boys are funny! 

IMG_3525 (2)



One more quote from ‘The Little Prince”. Awwww, that book!!


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