Christmas 2016

8 January 2017

This Christmas we spent a few weeks in Minnesota over the winter break. The boys grew so much during our time there. Finn picked up skating, Jude progressed leaps and bounds with his coloring, and Royal loved playing with the dogs just to name a few things. It was such a nice change of environment. 


Snow, ice, cups of herbal tea, games with family, a break from the busy pace of Southern California. Every time I go to Minnesota the wide open spaces feel so different, the slower pace of the country it’s always so welcome. Re-entry actually went well, the fresh start in this New Year has been so welcome. 


Finn spent hours on the ice this Christmas. He really fell in love with it and it was fun to see his passion for it come out. I really feel like the true essence of each one of the boys really comes out when they are outside. 


Don’t go out there on that ice without a nice thick scarf!


Ryan was so cute lacing up all of our skates. He had to lace up my skates every time I went out on the lake. I felt like a little kid, but he was insistent on protecting my ankles. He was like do you want an injury? That was enough to keep my seemingly strong independent mouth quiet! I actually loved skating out on the lake myself, I would love a women’s hockey league. It felt good to have a stick in my hand and it’s still so new to me. I need novelty in a lot of my hobbies.


Ryan is such a beautiful skater. He is so strong on his skates, it looks like he is flying. I would love to be able to move the way he does on skates. 





I have a theory that we go through seasons where things grow, mature and like a plant almost reach their maturity. I’ve grown a lot in the last year but it’s felt like I’ve been pruning/clearing away things from my life that haven’t been serving me – making room for new things to grow. Honestly, in some ways I almost feel like parts of my “forest” got burned down to make room for new growth. It feels good to feel room to grow. The boys and I watched Star Wars together and like Harry Potter there is an underlying magic to the messages of those films. One of the lines I took away tonight was “Focus determines your reality.” There are so many wonderful things that call to my attention but it’s hard to maintain focus on almost anything sometimes because it all feels to be so much, it’s helpful to know that it’s not actually my reality but my paradigm that is making me feel so scattered. 

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