Joshua Tree


14 January 2017

One of our goals for 2017 is to take advantage of all the great places that are within just a few short hours from us. LA, Joshua Tree,  The Central Coast…  there is so much to experience within a 3 hour radius of Orange County. This was our first time to Joshua Tree and we had a fantastic time. It’s two hours away and between good music and conversation it went fast. 


Finn is seven going on 13 at times – especially at this moment.


The boys all have their own playlists on Spotify, I stole the idea from a friend, and they love it. When they hear a song they love on the radio or in a movie they will lean over and say, “add this to my playlist!” It was fun during the drive I mixed all of our different music tastes. Jude’s face when “Hey Jude” comes blasting on and we all roar “This is for your JUDE!” Even he can’t help feeling bashful!

img_5259 img_5258 I love the pictures of the boys coming together for a group picture almost more than the actual group picture because it shows their wild brotherly love. Finn hugging Ryan, and Royal hugging Finn. I can really see how much Finn is growing up in these photos. I can’t believe Mr. Finn is 7! It’s surreal to me in this moment. 


I am here!! 


On one of hikes/nature walks Finn found this treasure buried into the side of the mountain. The boys, were so excited! Inside was a notebook where fellow travelers have written thoughts. I asked Finn,  ‘What should we write??” Finn thought for a moment and then said, “Be free creature, take the trail and follow your heart”.  The universal truths that just come from the boys’ mouth’s all the time amazes me. They are so in their heart I just believe so much that they are connected so deeply to that oneness we all experience. When we were in MN I was playing with Jude and Royal making these lego mobil setups. The boys looooved it. One of the lego models was pirate themed and their were two treasure chests included. Jude turned to me and said, ‘This is the treasure of love, and this one here is the treasure of time.” We spend so much time chasing money to meet our needs but what is the real treasure? Time and Love, I agree Jude. 


Day trips are where it’s at!


Go Jude! Nice moves, he was feeling himself hopping over all the cacti. The plant life in Joshua Tree was so captivating. It definitely caught my interest, looking at all the different plants and lichen was my favorite part. I didn’t realize that trees themselves are actually called “The Joshua Tree.” Unique looking tree isn’t it. 


img_5340-1Check out all the different colors of lichen. Isn’t that incredible, it’s like rainbow lichen. I am so curious to learn about why certain colors grow. 


I saw the entire spectrum of color in the lichen. Check out this orange!


So pretty with those pops of green in there!


The boys loved exploring, I feel like the true essence of each of the boys comes out so naturally when we are outside. 

img_5370 img_5373

Maybe this is photo overload – just documenting for future reference. 

img_5397 img_5391

It was brisk there today. After our fun day exploring we went into town and I visited the local coffee shop and got one of my best cups I’ve ever had. They had this HUGE roaster. Great vibe, good people, beautiful scenery, great music, great conversation with the kids, I felt like a new person walking into my house tonight. I am just fully begin to appreciate how great that can to get out and feel the energy of a new environment. I’ve read a lot about how going to new places and having new experiences is so good mentally. 

img_5424 img_5404 img_5409Sorry peeps, you’re getting them all! 

img_5468 img_5440 img_5434

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