Spring Evening Walks


11 May, 2017

Ryan spontaneously grabbed the camera the other night on our family walk and I’m so glad he did. It was a beautiful night, these Spring evening walks have been the absolute best.


Royal James and his Moana ocean dance might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 


Jude has been doing so much better in school! He is the cutest little boy. Finn and I were reading books in bed together tonight what a tender age. Ryan and I were discussing how ironic it is that we finally feel like we’ve got the hang of first grade and kindergarten and it’s almost done and then it’s off to the races for second grade. Wow! Time really does fly once you get into elementary school. 


We take our scooters and bike to Crystal Cove and the boys have a blast taking turns riding “lightning”.  Jude literally bawls his eyes out when he has to stop and get off the bike. 


Oh these green eyes! Finn, finn, finn! It is a privilege to be your mom. It’s been incredible to see him learn to read this year. 




Oh Jude you crack me up!

One of the reason’s, and there are many, that I don’t post on the blog as much, is that when I pull up pictures of the boys I get filled with anxiety and shame that I am not doing enough. I am working pretty hard right now and my ducks feel in a row so tonight I felt okay.  The kids are growing up fast and I don’t know if I am doing enough to foster their love for learning and both of the boys are moderately behind – not horribly but they are. I don’t want them to internalize performance but I recall growing up that you just don’t want to get behind because it feels impossible to catch up. I am reading this great book right now called the Awakened Family that is actually giving me a lot of insight and helping me work through some of the fear that I am probably placing unknowingly onto the kids. 


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  1. Heather…..there are some absolutely amazing pictures here. You both have created a magnificent family! So so beautiful! Not many better places to make your own than CC!!!

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