April 2018

April 8, 2018

Hello there! Well we had an incredibly busy weekend. Ryan’s parents came into town for Pete’s half iron man down in Oceanside.  Ryan took off work and we pretty much vacationed with GC and Bompa Pete’s for a few days. Some of our activities included breakfast together at Zinc, walking Crystal Cove, Ryan and GC exploring Lido, taking the boys to adventure park – which I thought would be a great idea given that we had a lot of cloud cover in Newport. However, when we got into Irvine it was apparent that everyone was on Spring break. The park was incredibly crowded which I didn’t love but we still had a lot of fun.   I had joy come over Friday night. Joy is nothing short of a god sent for me. She’s one of our baby sitters and she plans crafts and just has a really good handle on the boys. I feel so much gratitude for her. As Finn said, “Mom. I don’t know how she does it, but Joy is so good with kids!” hahaha.  

It’s been a while since I put a post up, but it’s such a hassle to dig through google drive or other devices to find photos I like. So I am going to try and make a better effort to get these up here. My grandpa had an Easter egg hunt at his new apartment complex and really wanted us to go, so voila. There were a lot of nice people and we did the Easter bunny thing. It’s been years since we’ve done that! I don’t know how many years the boys have left doing hunts, they were feeling old to me compared to these toddlers! 

It was a chilly morning but then it warmed up, I hate being cold! We all had lots of layers. Yes. Jude loves the easter bunny! Finn and Jude are such great friends. 

The eggs were hidden in all these bushes. Even in California we experience the feelings of Spring. Even simple of bushes like these becoming magnificent in Spring. 

This sand shark is alive, although probably very uncomfortable. This photo was taken while waiting for Pete during his race. The boys love competing in their 1 mile Iron Kids race. 

It’s been a while since we’ve had the camera with us out at the beach. Time is really starting to pass us up. It’s surreal. 

Thanks for the visit GC and Bompa Petes! It’s always a treat to have you. Thank you for treating us to such amazing food. You spoiled us!

Observe my cute shoes! This was the result of some very smart shopping and might I say I like them very much! 

Jude was very thorough in the making of this mask below. Today we embarked up to LA to the natural history museum. 

I was driving home from yoga this morning and I heard on KUSC the classical music station here that they had Discovery Kids today up in LA at the natural museum and they were also incorporating music this year! So we went! We heard some chamber music as well as two different groups. It was a lot of fun.  I heard some members of the LA Phil were playing and I came home and Ryan got one of my speeches and we were in the car in a half hour. We got some authentic Mexican food in Downtown LA after where I felt like a fish out of water in a larger latino neighborhood.  Oh gosh. Love to you future Ryan, Heather reading this, or other family! 

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