Joshua Tree 2017





We did a day trip in Joshua Tree and had a blissful time, like usual when we are in Joshua Tree. It is the epitome of family flow time for us: the  boys play on rocks, I gush over all the color and texture of the dessert, and go nuts taking photos of lichen. I’m in love.  Photographing lichen brings me so much joy. We packed sandwiches and hit up Pie for the People on the way out. Joshua Tree Coffee Company never disappoints either. What a great day! 

I find it so interesting that while the dessert is a very harsh climate being in that environment seemed to really pull a softness out in me, maybe that that is  just one of the many wonderful side effects of nature, maybe it is the dessert, or maybe that is the magic of Joshua Tree.


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Thanksgiving 2017


We were so lucky to spend sometime with family this Thanksgiving holiday, before our Christmas festivities got under way I thought I would get a few of our favorites from our UT trip up here for safe keeping. A few highlights include: rock climbing, staying at the Grand America, trail running with Ryan and my family, seeing the musical Elf, drinking really good coffee in the lounge everyday, celebrating Royal’s birthday, and cooking brunch.


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Yosemite Fall 2017

November 12, 2007

Another incredible trip to Yosemite. These boys are growing up fast. We had thrown together this trip on short notice, with Veterans Day we couldn’t pass up the chance to go. We have been trying to get up there all year, isn’t it crazy how time gets away from you?  This photo shows a lot of the spirit of the trip: trying my best to brainwash the boys into loving nature. Considering it’s nearly winter there we had amazing weather!

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