That Yosemite Trip…

8 January 2017

As we start striding through the New Year I’m looking at the media on the blog and realizing that there are photos I’ve uploaded that never actually got published. This is such an easy medium for me to enjoy looking at our own pictures — and it’s nice for our parents to feel connected to their lives. I’ve got take a few minutes and bridge the gap I’ve got going here. 


We took scooters with us to Yosemite and it worked out beautifully. I’m always amazed when I take the time to think about how many incredible places are just a few short hours away and yet we don’t make nearly enough road trips. 



IMG_2063Yup, left the camera bag right at this spot. Goodbye portrait lens. I got a short term replacement but I sure do miss that. 




The boys were so thrilled about having a snow ball fight!


Jude Everest, you cool customer!



IMG_2118IMG_1943I used to be pretty religious about doing at least a weekly post especially if you don’t waste time editing pictures and just throw up what you’ve got it only takes a few minutes. Really it doesn’t take long. It’s a great way to track and reflect what’s going on because you can actually see the moments. I highly recommend blogging; even with it being past its peek in popularity. I think writing is so healthy and it’s an opportunity to overview your own life and tap into gratitude for the wonderful experiences you’re having. One of my intentions for the year is develop more gratitude. I try and exercise that muscle but I don’t get into that space nearly enough and it pains me that I haven’t made it more of a priority. It takes focus and time. 


Our Monday Beach Walk


15 August 2016

I really haven’t been posting on the blog as of late due to a lack of storage space, well I fixed that problem! Hooray! I love being able to drop photos here, it’s such an easy way to locate and find later. The summer is quickly coming to an end, I have some fun pictures of the trips we’ve taken that I will eventually get to posting. Over the last six months the boys have really turned into the three amigos. They play so well together. Royal has no trouble keeping up with his big brothers. Summer nights walking the beach as a family, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

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