Our Monday Beach Walk


15 August 2016

I really haven’t been posting on the blog as of late due to a lack of storage space, well I fixed that problem! Hooray! I love being able to drop photos here, it’s such an easy way to locate and find later. The summer is quickly coming to an end, I have some fun pictures of the trips we’ve taken that I will eventually get to posting. Over the last six months the boys have really turned into the three amigos. They play so well together. Royal has no trouble keeping up with his big brothers. Summer nights walking the beach as a family, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

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Jude’s Tree Climbing 

My heart just hasn’t been into the blog lately, however last night over dinner we were sharing “the legends of broken bones” where we went around to each of the boys and shared the stories of some of their worst falls. I feel like I’m starting to genuinely feel their childhood shift, move, pass, progress–everything!

This morning after going to Finn’s first book fair which was a big deal and so much fun. We walked to school together and talked about some of our favorite books we’ve read so far. We picked out some good mouse adventure books and got the classic “chocolate fever.”

I wanted to jump on here and share this story of Jude climbing his first really really tall tree. Jude is a climber! Oh is he a climber! I thought for a while that he couldn’t sit still because whenever we would be out he wanted to climb on everything! He actually has a great attention span and can do crafts and puzzles forever but he just craves the feeling of climbing in his muscles. Down the hill from our house are these trees that are tall and bushy. You can hear his voice screaming from the top of the tree and shaking the branches. I am excited to slow our life down a little and simplify everything. We don’t need to drive anywhere special we can just walk down the road and let him wade through the small stream catch crawdads and climb trees. Finn and I caught a tree frog there a month ago one evening, but the little frog didn’t last long, so I don’t feel compelled to do that again anytime soon. It’s so interesting how drastically different everyone’s individual parenting styles are; I feel like I’m doing my job getting my boys out in nature so they can get dirty and climb trees. I want them to be completely free when they get nature time. It’s so hard finding places to go where we aren’t surrounded by people telling them, “don’t climb that tree!” Since when can boys not climb trees? I’m not exaggerating either, everything we go to the park other adults are telling my kids not to do stuff- people we live in an apartment this is there time to be free!

Heading to the book fair on the way to school.

This was on our walk Sunday afternoon. We walked the cliffs and collected sea glass. We have so many fun spots we love.


Skiing 2016


3 April 2016

Royal got to join the action skiing this Spring. Wow tacking on that third kid when there are only two adults was a little harder than I was expecting. I am pretty good calibrating my expectations so I am always taken back when I’m like “Oh wow! I didn’t have this calibrated right. Okay deep breaths let’s reset – – no expectations. We were shuttling the kids back and forth trying to keep us all together, it was a blast. We only made it a few hours and then I just knew, alright that was my last run. I’ve got no more left. I was so sore from man handling them. 

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