Who We Are

Hi, we’re the Millers! Welcome, welcome! Our life is filled with passion, laughter, and lots of energy!  We love each other and are really committed to one another so we work at it and are happy. We don’t do everything perfect, but we try.


I’m Heather the voice behind the blog – most of the time. My husband Ryan and I have been busy creating our story ever since we met seven years ago. Over the last few years we have pretty much thrown stability out the window and have lived everywhere from Southern California to Dubai and a little in between. We have three incredible boys, each so uniquely different. We have: Mr. Finn who is very agreeable; he is our people pleaser of the family.  Jude Everest who is fearless, tender and kind. Jude is also our feisty Norwegian. He gives his mom a run for her money sometimes but we work really hard with him. We’ve had a hard time fighting some real cognitive delays and getting the neurons  firing in his brain but we’re are making a lot of progress. To say this kid keeps me on my toes is an understatement! Finally we have our youngest Royal James. He is our little social animal, our baby bear. He is very spirited, incredibly affectionate, and stubborn (although that could be just because we are in full toddler stage now!)

Diggingtogether-9303 copyI love sharing my life with  Ryan. Nothing better than sharing your life with someone you love, even through all the twists and turns and unexpected highs and lows. I’m so thankful to have someone to face life head on with. All of our little ones came a little quicker then expected but he’s been with me through it all. Ryan did a JD/MBA program in Southern California so after living in Dubai we’ve decided to go back there for work. We love the lifestyle it offers. Our favorite thing in the world is our walks together, talking about life, ideas, hopes, fears, and dreams. We’re big dreamers.

RyanandJudecampfire-2169We also love, love, love the ocean. We try to make it to the beach at least once a week.

 I love to blog, I’ve done it since we got married and it’s just become part of our lives. Now more than ever I try to capture as much as I can of our life with our precious boys. It sure does go fast, I try to feel connected, the blog helps us do that. Please feel free to browse, I am a pretty open book. With my kids being so close together it can be pretty hard to enjoy sometimes, looking at them from behind the lense really helps me find that enjoyment. There’s never a shortage of pictures or funny stories.

IMG_5292We are genuinely trying to live a deliberate life.  This blog is a constant reminder of that. I want to ‘suck the marrow out of life.” Find the extraordinary in the ordinary,  and find the good.  I love making new friends through the blog. Thank you for taking an interest in our life and family.



5 responses

  1. Yes…nice intro. Didn’t notice it until today. Nicely written. Hope you were able to enjoy some of the holiday–during this season of head down studies. My holiday: yard work (or as the purists might say, some gardening or landscape architecture).

  2. Hi old friends! It’s so nice to catch up on your life and see your darling kids! WOW, I miss you…so much time has passed, 6 years married? What a fabulous life you have created for yourselves! Good luck across the world and hope to see you sometime in the near future!
    With much love,
    Maria Peterson 🙂

  3. You guys are my idols! You growing family is absolutely beautiful! It seems that Dubai is treating you all very well! When I realized that you actually moved to Dubai I was bubbling over with excitement for you two!

  4. Hi Heather, it’s Jessica from YogaWorks! It is SO nice to see your beautiful life! I’m really glad to have met you and even more glad to be yoga buds [: I hope we can stay in touch! I love your blog, it’s truly inspiring! See you in class ❤ _/|\_

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